Monday, February 4, 2008

Ah, Spontaneity by Angie Ledbetter

For many years, I was a prisoner of Responsibility and Routine – not the kind of R&R one usually welcomes. Married to a man who worked on the road for the better part of every year, I was pretty hemmed in with three babies at home. When the kids were all finally in school, my days shifted to include part-time odd jobs as well as being the main parent. Still not lots of freedom in the schedule. But now that they are in their late teens and two of them are driving, my days have suddenly loosened a bit.

Having lived under sometimes stifling duties, and spinning my wheels deeply in ruts (not that I’d change those years for anything), the freedom I’m experiencing is heady. For the first time since I was 16, except for the 5 years I was home with babies, I’m not employed outside my home. I flummoxed around at first trying to find a new routine, but with Spontaneity back in my life, I’m loving it.

Isn’t there some corny saying, song lyric, children’s book, or ad campaign that says, “Free to be me?” (Probably some tag line for a feminine product!) That’s how I’m feeling these days. Spontaneity allows me these and many other gifts:

*More time to create poetry and to work on writing projects.
*Time to take a poetry course and to attend writing conferences.
*Freedom to visit my parents and/or eat lunch with friends.
*The ability to show up at my kids’ school in costume. (And I have many!)
*Time to observe and appreciate the often-missed smaller details of life.
*An occasional nap around freelance assignments.

So, today, and for as long as it lasts, I am truly thankful for all the great things Spontaneity affords me. He’s a much kinder, selfless partner than those evil twins, Responsibility & Routine!

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Kathryn Magendie said...

I love the freedom of working at home...I have to discipline myself sometimes, however, to get work done...but, that's not hard to do. Working in an office for years drove me batty - I'm to restless for that, too jittery - sheer will got me through, that and the need to pay bills and eat! ha!

Here's to spontaneous surprises in life.

Nannette Croce said...

When my daughter left for college four years ago I realized I no longer had any reason to wake to an alarm clock. I'm a morning person and tend to wake early anyway to fit in my exercise, but I wake naturally, and it makes all the difference.

Barbara Quinn said...

Nice to hear that you're living spontaneously now. It's wonderful to be able to shift gears and do what needs doing. And even more wonderful to be able to take the time to say hey, it's time to enjoy what life has to offer and I can take that time. If you were closer I'd meet you for lunch. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's about time you crossed over to the wonderful world of flying by the seat of your pants. Spontaneity (and a magic cloak) have seen me around the world......

Angie Ledbetter said...

Fly free, you wonderful people...and you too, Magic Cloak owner. ;) How's California??

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