Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In the Heat of the Night by Nannette Croce

There's nothing like a summer night.

This time of year the sun is rising earlier each day and setting later. Some find it surprising that what we call the first day of Summer really marks the point when the days, which have been growing longer since the spring equinox, start to grow shorter. Knowing that, at this time of year, I make an extra effort to sit outside after dinner and stay out until dark.

Even in the midst of a heat wave as we were last week on the east coast, apparently stretching from North Carolina through where I live outside Philly and up to New York, the evenings, outdoors at least, usually cool to a bearable temperature. I take a book or magazine outside and read for as long as I can make out the words, but I also cast an ear to the sounds around me.

I imagine the birds, every bit as noisy as early morning, calling their babes home to bed. I know better, of course. Once the babes leave the nest, they return no more. Maybe they're just saying good night, like The Waltons used to do. "Good night, Sparrow. Good night, Chicadee. Good night, John Boy"––oops.

This last week of summer I'm caught up with a writer's workshop. Though we have outdoor activities scheduled for most evenings, with the socializing and networking, I keep forgetting to check out the sunset or listen for the birds turning in for the night.

On the 19th, the last day of spring, I will make a point of walking slowly back to my room and savor it, weather permitting. I hope you will too.


Angie Ledbetter said...

Nice post. Hope your conference is going great, friend! Can't wait to hear the reportage.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Beautiful post...made me calmed just reading it.

And on the 18th - the big moon is coming - the illusion that the moon is huge...watch for it.

Barbara Quinn said...

Nannette, Enjoy the conference and save up lots of tales for us for when you get back.

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