Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Movies by Kat Magendie

When I lived in the Big City, I went to the movies when there was some anticipated blockbuster, or summer sleeper, I was anxious to see on the Big Screen. For, after all, there are some movies that simply must be seen and heard in a movie theater experience. The bigger than life size, the speakers set on ear-drum shatter, the smell of popcorn, the rustling of bootlegged treats taken from purses or pockets, the excited chatter that is stilled once the previews begin. I was spoiled by the city movie theaters, with their plush stadium seating. But here in my little town, I pass the tiny theater and feel a little uninspired. I promise myself to actually go in one day, maybe I’ll be surprised.

There was a time I worried the theaters would price people right on out, especially as quickly as movies are sent to DVD and available for viewing in one’s own home, and the over-inflated egos of Hollywood “stars” demanding outrageous salaries that are obscene. I know it puts me off, going to a movie and paying far too much, just so some actor can add to their already bulging wallets, and egos (which is why I love the sleepers with little known actors). But, there is the child part of me who still feels the magic…with some movies, some of the time, and with some actors who still charm, touch, make me laugh, or take me somewhere I didn't know I wanted to go.

While recently visiting my sister in law in Houston, she and I went to the opening weekend of the new Indiana Jones movie—one of the aforementioned Blockbusters one must watch on the big screen. I stared with a country come to town grin. The theater was Huge, with sparklings and people and noise and color and light and sound, and as if that wasn’t enough, there was a Starbucks, and small eateries, and was that a gift shop? And I’m sure I missed seeing everything, as we were hurrying to get to our seats. Oh, and those seats! Plush and comfy as my own living room. We settled in, and the magic began. I won’t tell you what I thought about the movie itself, I’ll leave that to your own opinion, but I will say that Indiana Jones is just as handsome as he ever was, damn him for being a man and being allowed to age! Karen Allen was beautiful, but completely wasted in her role, dang it all. That’s all I have to say about that. Ah, here’s to the movies. Escape.


Barbara Quinn said...

I love going to the movies. Love seeing 'em at home too, but that big screen does make it special. I hope that the theaters can survive since it's so much easier to watch at home now.

Brad Hansen said...

Speaking of karen Allen, I wrote an unsolicited script for Starman 2 back in 1998. It was my first script and I quit college to finish it. It’s been gathering dust ever since. I sent it to Jeff Bridges and John carpenter, although I would prefer if Carpenter didn’t direct a sequel. I wrote some good f/x sequences and some interesting characters. I’m pretty sure I’ll never be involved, but I’d to see the f/x scene from the beach being incorporated, (Jeff’s manager Neil will know the one, totally plagiarised from another movie, but it would look great on film today). If anyone has any questions, email me at and I’ll answer them. (Although I won’t give away any plot points. And yes there is a son and indeed, I actually have the perfect casting suggestion!!

Anonymous said...

I am no longer allowed to go to movies since I slept through the pod races in Star Wars. Great seats, cool, dark. The perfect receipe for a nap. The cost of a movie makes this a great reason to nap at home. The popcorn is still the greatest.
Oren (FOA)

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oren, that makes me laugh....! (laughing...see?), are you still writing scripts or did you go back to college?

Barb - Nothing like sitting at home, either - curled up on my red couch!

Angie Ledbetter said...

The dark theater in which you just melt away as an individual is my favorite part of going to the movies. Did ya know you can go buy the popcorn and bring it home to eat? (I've done it before.) LOL

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