Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Suddenly Summer by Barbara Quinn

It went to suddenly summer in the last couple of days here in the Northeast. One day I was wearing long pants, shoes, and socks, the next, my flip-flops and capris. Since summer is my favorite season, I’ve been quite happy to see it finally arrive. My herb garden is finally starting to grow and my flowers are thriving in the heat.

I spent Sunday on the beach where there was way too much wind to hoist the umbrella. But the breeze was warm, so I slathered on the sunblock and later a long-sleeved shirt. In spite of the breeze I managed to read most of the Sunday Times. There’s nothing better than sitting on the beach reading, with the sound of the surf and gulls surrounding me. And when I get tired of reading, the people watching is just as pleasurable.

Couples old and young stroll hand in hand along the shore. Babies toddle toward the surf with concerned parents following behind. Children dig holes and build sand castles. Gulls and sandpipers look for dinner in the waves. Women collect shells, men use metal detectors to find treasures. It’s the same every year. And best of all, people are smiling. The ocean is not for the grumpy. The sea and salt air work their magic on those who draw comfort from dipping their toes in the sand and soaking up the atmosphere. Not all of us are beach people, but for those of us who are, the beach is a joyful place, second to none.

Hooray for the summer season!


Angie Ledbetter said...

Could you bottle some up and send me a little package of Ocean Surf & Breeze? Sounds awesome.

Nannette Croce said...

It still conjures memories of that childhood sleep after spending the whole day romping in the waves. I remember falling asleep feeling like I was being rocked by the waves.

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