Friday, March 28, 2008

The Buck Stops There by Barbara Quinn

I am truly grateful for the Dollar Store. Every other month either the snow plow guy, or the newspaper delivery fellow, runs over and breaks one of the reflectors that line my very long driveway. I used to have to go searching for new ones and hated the expense. But then I discovered that my dollar store carries them. Hooray! Now I stock up and pull one out when necessary. Likewise, when I lose my reading glasses, off I go to the dollar store for a new pair. In fact, I now keep a pair of reading glasses in the kitchen, and also in the bedroom, and in my purse, since at a buck a piece it’s easy to splurge.

I know these things are not high quality. Most are from China. I’ve had some items break within hours, but, boy, it sure is nice to pay merely a buck for spatulas, gift bags, greeting cards, notepads, and lawn decorations. Plus, it’s one stop shopping for non-shopper me. Being able to buy glass cleaner, holiday decorations, and hair bands for the gym in the same place is a time saver. I don’t purchase pills, cosmetics, cups, dishes, candles, or children’s toys, since I’m paranoid about things made in China (lead paint, impure products, lead wicks, oh my!). But I rationalize that the things I do purchase can’t be emitting enough Chinese death rays to harm me when I hang them in a window or place them by the front walk.

How great is it that my dollar store cuts keys, and makes balloon bouquets. And that the proprietress is always helpful, so much so that her store is my first stop when I need something. If she doesn’t carry it, I steel myself for the hunt, and it’s off to crowded Wal-Mart. If they don’t have it, I’m on the internet because I can’t deal with the frustration of not finding whatever it is that I need.

Recently I had to buy two room humidifiers. The easiest way I’ve found to locate an item at a good price is to go to or and search for the product. After doing that, I found a store that had a good humidifier at a reasonable price, so I made the drive. I’m not getting one of those for a buck, that’s for sure. But for all those other little helpful items, nothing beats the Dollar Store.


Nannette Croce said...

Can't knock The Dollar Store. Several years ago when I worked in Senior Programming for the Y I went there every week for Bingo prizes. I always came out with things for myself that I still have. Like that cool screwdriver that comes with changeable heads, small hammers for the things that just need an extra tap, and those plastic clothes hangers they charge so much for everywhere else.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I haven't been in a dollar store in years! I wonder where there is one 'round these here mountains. Gift bags would be nice to get for a dollar...!

Angie Ledbetter said...

I Heart the Dollar Stores too! They are especially nice for us non-shopping folks. Like you said, one stop shopping. Yours sounds especially nice too.

Anonymous said...

I love the $ stores too! They are great for all sorts of things needed around the house. I make frequent visits there and always find useful items that cost so much at the chain drug stores! It is amazing how much we can save this way.

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