Monday, March 31, 2008

Family Matters by Angie Ledbetter

Just returning from a 3-day trip to attend a nephew's wedding, I feel like I could sleep for a week. But the drive and missed time in my own bed were well worth being in attendance at a large family celebration.

Since I spent a lot of time looking through my camera's viewfinder, I had fun seeing things both close up on small details, and as a participant. Billed as the "Cajican" wedding (Cajun groom from Louisiana + Mexican bride from Texas), the event was a smooth melding of cultures, old friends and new, all in a beautiful and rustic resort setting -- Hideout on the Horseshoe outside of Austin:

I'm thankful things went so smoothly. The vows were exchanged outside on a natural rock platform overlooking the river. As the bridal party was walking back up the stone steps to the reception pavilion, a light shower "blessed" us all, then disappeared. The food, live band's eclectic mix of music from several eras and genres, and camaraderie went into the wee hours of Sunday morning without any problems. It was a wedding no one will forget.

Several things made me realize how grateful I am to have had such a weekend: younger relatives helping older ones across rocky paths unasked and playing with young kids to keep them from becoming bored; the visiting between cabins of relatives, friends, and strangers; the spirit of cooperation toward one goal; kind and helpful attitudes; delicious shared food; the awesome beauty of nature surrounding the whole event; and another chance for my own family members to bond. There wasn't a single fight between the three kids jammed in the backseat of the vehicle for the long drive there and back, which is a minor miracle in itself.

It was a weekend away from our routine paths, and one which we all enjoyed to the fullest. It reconfirmed all the important things in life -- family, celebrating life and taking time to really be with one another instead of chasing individual pursuits.


Barbara Quinn said...

I enjoyed reading about your wedding weekend. Pretty spot for a wedding!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Sounds wonderful, Angie!

Anonymous said...

It is a scary thought that the kids are actually growing into adults in spite of our best efforts. Sounds like a great place to visit.
Hugs to all,

Anonymous said...

Family Matters Most - would have been my title! When I used to beat myself up about lost opportunities for advancement or missed deadlines for work, I would remind myself why I worked each day to begin with - for family. Being entrenched in a career tends to make one focus on the hollow rewards of the material; to forget what really matters and why one chooses to work in the first place – i.e. to sustain that which is of real importance. For me, that would be family.
Thank God for occasions such as the one you so beautifully described! Opportunities that make one stop and smell the roses of life – that reel one in from the never-never land of the daily grind into that which is, in fact, the crux of all being – family and friends –the true rewards of life.
Now that I am older, I don't even have to remind myself. Isn't it wonderful that practice makes perfect, that older is wiser, that life is good!


Mary Ann said...

Of course you make absolutely no mention of the enormous contribution you made to my younger son's wedding (hey, I didn't know what "Cajicon" meant! Thanks!)

First, you were wedding photographer extradinaire! Thank you. Thank you. For two grueling days.

Then, as if that gift weren't enough, you baked fourteen crawfish or strimp quiches for those seafood-deprived TX folk!

Yes, people, you read correctly. Fourteen! How does one say thank you for sharing those beautiful pies with family (lucky me) and friends alike?

One of my boys' best friends, a Korean-Am engineer, text-messaged when he returned to Austin that he had snagged two entire "Angie" quiches!

No way to repay you. Thank you. Love you. So happy your family came. Hey, who knew your hubby is such a great dancer? And sons and daughter, too?

Love, love,

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