Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nail Art by Barbara Quinn

I discovered a great product that’s a time saver. Nail polish pens. These little pens are amazingly simply and accurate. I’ve never been able to do my own nails well and I don’t want to spend time at the nail parlor. I’m not fond of all the roughing up of the surfaces that they do either. Plus I spend time digging in the dirt for my garden, and cooking and hate gloves. So I usually don’t do anything to my nails. Now, when I want to have them done, it’s goodbye nail parlor, hello nail pens.

So how do they work? You click on the nail pen and a small amount of polish is distributed to a brush in the tip. No more trying to get the right amount onto the brush. No more dipping the brush into the bottle, and knocking it over. I’m a major klutz and am prone to spills like that. Also, usually, no sooner do I put on a second coat than I smudge a nail or two. Then I have to start the process over for those nails.

For $7 or $8 you buy a nail pen and you’re in business. I’ve done my nails twice with one of them. You pop the pen in your bag so if you need a touch up it’s easy to do.

Today I sat outside and had my nails done in about two minutes. I’ve tried two brands: Sally Hansen, and OPI. Both work well. My only complaint is there aren’t many colors to choose from. I bet that’s going to change. Thank you to the person who figured this out.

I heard on the radio that someone’s invented a bra with movable straps, one that really works and is easily converted, so you won’t need an entire bra wardrobe. Sign me up! Gotta love the entrepreneurial spirit!


Kathryn Magendie said...

I rarely pain my nails, although I do like to pain my toenails when it's time to show them- I'd love to try one of those pens! I'm a clutz when it comes to nail painting, so this sounds like a product for me!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Don't you love when you find something that makes life easier?

yuki said...

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Barbara Quinn said...

Thanks for dropping by, Yuki!

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