Sunday, April 20, 2008

Over the Rainbow by Angie Ledbetter

It's been a hectic week with several writing projects coming due at the same time, a major school fundraiser that sliced eight hours out of my Saturday, a double shift at work all week, two family members ill, my old Jeep's A/C went out (not pleasant in the South even in April!), tuition is coming due for two of my kids, my middle son got in a wreck helping out at the fundraiser yesterday...and a bunch of other stuff. Most of all, I'm sleep deprived and just plain feeling old. I've felt like my rainbow has led to a Port O' Potty instead of a pot of gold.

Okay, so what's there to be grateful for? It's that, in the end, I know everything is going to be okay. I can only control how I look at things and let them affect me. Like that rainbow photo, I can choose to focus on the not-so-nice portable bathroom, or I can look up and see the overwhelming beauty of a rare rainbow. Changing my focus and looking more into the future instead of at the immediate gives me hope. And, as always, prayer and faith in good people lift me up.

Revised week with the "rainbow" view instead of the "potty" view: I'm glad I got my writing assignments in on time and I feel a sense of accomplishment, the fundraiser went great and the athletic association earned some much needed money (plus I brought home leftover BBQ chicken for family and a bucket of baked beans to serve at the men's shelter), my brother is healing from surgery and Mom seems a bit better, my Jeep probably just needs a shot of freon, school tuition will be paid, and I'm really thankful no one was hurt in that wreck yesterday. All in all, I feel much better after a good night's sleep.

Rainbows or port o''s all in how you look at it.


Kathryn Magendie said...

And really, how could some people do without the port o pot? I bet they are thanking the inventor of those *haw!*

Angie Ledbetter said...

LOL, yeah, if you've ever been to a festival or parade in Louisiana, you definitely know their worth!

Barbara Quinn said...

Yeah...accepting things with grace and a good attitude is, like aging, not for the timid and a real challenge.Glad to see you boldly going forward! Loved the potty pic. Where would we be without 'em?

Nannette Croce said...

Love that photo!

I've found that at the base, it's all about sleep. Give me eight hours and there's nothing I can't handle. Less, and I'm a basket case.

Anonymous said...

Rainbows - good. Port a lets - good in a pinch. Trees are better.
Sleep - the best of the three.

Michael Manning said...

And just think if you were living in Arizona like me what that would have been like in June? Your post also reminded me of my favorite "Over the Rainbow" recording by the late Eva Cassidy!

Shellie R. said...

We must be on the same page of this same book this week, ma. If we didn't write it out, I promise we would probably be in the loony bin. :-)


Kerry Conway said...

rainbows are wonderful things! i saw a rare double rainbow once. it was amazing!!!

bbc? *sits down beisde yeah* is it lunch time yet? i am starving, and i keep looking at the roast i took out last night, but i don't wanna cook today...

i am going to focus on the rainbow that you posted. i needed a bit of redirection also. thanks for reminder!


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