Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Beautiful Sunny Day by Nannette Croce

A few months ago I sat in my lawyer's office drawing up Powers of Attorney and a Living Will, those documents that deal with the most unpleasant events––not dying, but living in limbo. As part of my Living Will the lawyer noted I could add a comment like, "You'll know I'm ready to let go when I can no a book...listen to my favorite piece of music...laugh at a good joke." Mine was, "When I can no longer appreciate a clear, sunny day with a gentle breeze."

The operative word here is "appreciate." There may be a time when I physically cannot "enjoy" that weather, but I hope I will still "appreciate" it. I know many people who don't. Both old and young, they complain about the rain and the snow and the cold and the darkness, but come a truly perfect day, and they don't even bother to open the blinds let alone a window.

A couple of years ago my uncle was dying of cancer. During summers he had spent a great deal of time on the patio of his apartment enjoying the warm sun and watching the world go by. When he entered the hospice in the spring, for as long as he could, he sat in a recliner by the window, taking in the warmth of the sun. It was a lovely spring that year with little rain.

The day he died, they called me at 4:00AM to tell me he was failing. I went to the hospice and sat in that chair watching the sunrise and appreciating the warmth and beauty of that particular day, not just for myself, but on his behalf.


Angie Ledbetter said...

Important post, Nannette. Reminds me I need to fill out those important documents too, and makes me think about what I'd put as my "when I can no longer..." blanks. Hope you're enjoying a bit of sunshine today.

Kathryn Magendie said...

sadly lovely...

Barbara Quinn said...

This is a great reminder of how important all these directives are. It's a gift to your loved ones when you take the time to be responsible and fill out your living will and health care directives.

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