Friday, July 25, 2008

Connecting and Reconnecting with Friends by Angie Ledbetter

One of the things that makes me happiest is spending time with friends. It makes me feel good to hear of their successes, unexpected "wins" in life, good news, or whatever brings them joy and fulfillment. Conversely, when one is experiencing problems or setbacks, I want to do what I can by lending an ear or shoulder for support.

Several times in the last week, I've gotten to share in great moments with others. A dear friend is right now visiting her sister in Florida, enjoying a much needed vacation before her teaching job resumes shortly. Tonight I ate supper with another great friend whom I'd lost touch with for a few years. It was really great catching up and spending time together like we used to. After our meal, she came with me to visit my parents, which extended our fun by an extra hour.

I'm looking forward to joining a longtime friend for a day of work at our kids' school football team's annual boot camp this weekend. Although it's no pleasure cruise preparing meals and snacks for a hungry, sweaty, hot football team in primitive campsite conditions, the camaraderie and fun more than compensate for the long hours of work. I've reconnected with an old school friend also, and we've begun meeting for lunch once a month or so. It's such fun to relive our glory days and compare notes on the present.

My gratitude cup overflows whenever I think of friends -- those companions of the heart who are always there for you and vice versa. Life would be empty and dull without them. So, here's to you, great friends from elementary school years up to you newbies I've found in the present, and especially those who share the crazy world of writing with me. Cheers, and thank you for enriching my life!


Kathryn Magendie said...

Here's to friends! (of which I count you as the best...)

Barbara Quinn said...

I am grateful to be one of your friends!

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