Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gratitude for Connections by Angie Ledbetter

If you're reading these words today, thank you and I'm grateful for you. I often think of those who are disconnected from others, either by choice or circumstance. How lonely that must be. Being a twin, I've always (and probably always will) preferred working and socializing with others -- being part of a team vs. a more solitary existence. Though I have no problem spending long hours alone, I couldn't do it for weeks on end without becoming lonely.

It gives me a sweet satisfaction to look back over the daisy chain of my friendships and connections. Like my writer's group. A few of us came from a bookstore group about six years ago, then gathered others, then brought in classmates or people we've met along the way. Those friendships have forged a strong interlinking group, and still new folks are being brought into my circle of acquaintances through those members. I met Kat, introduced her to Barb, then Kat brought in Patresa. Deb joined the group and eventually put together an awesome writer's conference. Through my friendship with her, I found myself at her Pen to Press Writer's Retreat and met several awesome authors and many reputable and accessible literary agents. Dear friend Cynthia knew Stephanie and introduced her to the group. Now she's my friend (and a dang funny person and good poet). See how it works?

There's something so neat about the way special people come into your life and then, through them, you are blessed with the friendship of others in an ever-widening circle. It's like that cellphone company commercial -- this chain forms my network. Today and every day, I'm most grateful for friends and friends of friends. They enrich and make my life better.


Kathryn Magendie said...

AH -- yes....Here's to friendships and connections - even if I'm one of the reclusive ones *laughing* BUt, What would I do without my friends?

Anonymous said...

...'daisy chain of friends'...what a simple, beautiful picture.
write on, angie!
kudos from lives-in-cave

Barbara Quinn said...

Yes! There's nothing like a support network. I'm most lucky to count you as a buddy.

i am p. said...

yes! awesome. i love the idea of connectedness. these networked webs of support. they can withstand all kinds of crud! like the spiderwebs i try to blast off my bike with a hose every year. those things are indestructible.

Joanne said...

Love the visual of a daisy chain of friendships. It's such a perfect suggestion of connection.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Yeah, we're all connected...even with those weeds and thorny plants we'd rather pluck and prune! ;)

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