Friday, August 22, 2008

Mug Love by Angie Ledbetter

{Photo by Angie Ledbetter}

Bad Ode to Yon Vessels

Oh, coffee mugs, coffee mugs, I love you.
Without you here, what would I do?

*Smile* and good morning to all you coffee or tea drinkers. If you have a collection of favored mugs like I do, you'll understand this post. If not, just come along for the ride anyway.

I love each of my mugs for different reasons, but like my children, I love them all equally. Let me introduce you to my seven favorites: Senorita is the cup with the fish handles my daughter brought home from her senior cruise to Cozumel in appreciation for helping with her trip. Muscle Gal comes from one of my sons' trips to a Boy Scout National Jamboree to NY. He said it reminded him of me -- "Mom, it's a little cracked from the journey, but still got good life in it." (How's that for a teenage boy's attempt at symbolism?!) At least the chip doesn't come near my mouth as I swill my coffee!

Now, Big Gulp (the green upside down mug) I love because I rescued him from the trash heap at the end of a garage sale. What a bargain at just .10! Atop him sits The Black Lion. I treated myself to this beautiful, shiny treasure at the Hotel Monteleone in New Orleans while attending the Pen-to-Press Writers Conference. Next is Choo-Choo, the cup I purchased to commemorate a trip taken a decade ago to Colorado when we visited the Silverton-Durango coal-powered train. I love that cup because it's so unique; when hot liquids are poured inside, the blackened windows of the depot open to reveal several train engines. Then they go dark again when the liquid cools.

The big one to the right with all the faces of literary masters? That's B&N, named for the bookstore chain where I found it. I love it for obvious reasons including its depths and ability to limit my trips back to the coffee pot. Last but not least is The Graveyard. The place we all finally wind up. It reminds me to carpe diem, encourages me to keep writing, and represents an actual friend's book -- Deborah Leblanc's Grave Intent.

Before you call me a complete nut, think about this: each of my "mugs" is completely different in size, shape and description, yet provides me with key elements for healthy survival -- gifts from their interiors! These gifts for which I am daily filled with gratitude are good memories, inspiration, comfort, continuity, and the essence of all that is good in my world.

Yeah, you guessed it, the mugs are just like my dearest flesh and blood friends! And as trite as my Ode and the following saying are, they are nonetheless true: My cup runneth over. And to my compadres: I love your mugs, inside and out!


Kathryn Magendie said...

I love the mugs and your mug too (teehee) ... I'm drinking, at this moment, Deep Creek Blend coffee from a pottery mug I love - it's smaller than my old one, but thicker and "rustic" looking...I've no idea where it came from! It's just always been there...there's a metaphor there somewhere.

Barbara Quinn said...

Very clever, Angie. Love your mug too! My extra large Starbucks mug is here with me, filled with strong Irish tea that is just beginning to kick in. Yay!

Patresa Hartman said...

yay for coffee mugs!

i am drinking out of 1 of my 2 favorites RIGHT NOW. my friend, carly, gave it to me 12 years ago. chunky construction, painted bright blue with a giant yellow & orange fish wrapped around the body.

my 2nd favorite i got just a few months ago from my friend, katie, who took a pottery class and made me this fantastic little purple mug with a place specially made for my thumb.

coffee tastes better out of favorite mugs, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Mugs are a big part of our kitchen also. Both boys got their picks to take to school with them. Now we have room for more.
Maybe a tradition is carried on without even trying.
Oren (FOA)

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I've bookmarked yours, and will be back. Gratitude is everything, I've learned the hard way! And, about those mugs, SISTER! I did a post on my favorite mugs once upon a time, too. I so get this. Can't talk now, off to pour a mug of the best coffee ever, in whichever mug is calling the loudest. Chances are, it'll be my red "love" mug.

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