Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Insignifcant o and YOG Post, by Kat Magendie

Sometimes the little things we take for granted are the things we are most grateful for having after they are gone. That sentence could mean so many things, especially with my grief over losing my best canine friend; however, since I said “little things” and my grief is not by any stretch a “little thing;” that’s your hint I am speaking of something small, very small, quite very insignificantly small. Something tiny and insignificant, but no less annoying in its absence.

What I’m missing is the o key on my laptop keyboard. How like a mouth with a missing tooth my keyboard looks without the o key. Oh, it’s been missing for months, but there was still a tiny rubber protuberance that allowed me to type o’s, and once I was used to it, and learned the exact pressure to allow the o to appear, it was as if I wasn’t missing a thing and I typed happily along all these months.

Until the rubbery knob popped off this morning. As I now type, I have balanced the rubber thingee over the place where the o key was, but alas, it keeps slipping. If it isn’t balanced right, I have to hit the o space repeatedly—not good for one who types quite fast. There is a wireless keyboard in the other room, and I know I’ll have to break down and get it, but geez, I want my o back, or at least the rubbery thingee to stay put.

I wonder what will happen if I take off the rubber knob and try to type without it. Let’s try it! kay I am typing withut the key and as yu can see, we use the much mre than ne would (hey! There it is!) think, we use the o (aha!) in our typing much mre than we realize. Perhaps I shuld nw place the rubbery knob (!!) back upn the spt – There now.

This truly has to be the most pitifully horridly insignficant YOG post I’ve ever written, and in fact, I am quite ashamed of it. However, I so very much miss my o key. The gratitude I have for all the keys on my laptop keyboard wasn’t something I ever thought about, until the missing o. Now, I will put this YOG post out of its misery and *heavy sigh* go hunt up that wireless keyboard (for which I should also be grateful for…)


Barbara Quinn said...

O nooooooooooooo, no oooooooo!

I loved it. Who isn't a fan of O?

Anonymous said...

Our son has a laptop without a couple keys, and it works ok.
I kinda like it when people miss "O".
Oren (FOA)

Kathryn Magendie said...

Laughing! oo's either woon't come or there are too many of them

Kathryn Magendie said...

oh lawd, I just realized how that comment sounds...erk

Angie Ledbetter said...

LOL, ya couldn't write a bad post if ya tried! Loved it....hope Stella gets her "o" back soon! ;)

Mary Ann said...

Better to lose your o key than your Esc key, as happened to me. No escape! Ever!

I'm grateful mine's somehow mysteriously back. Now I can escape this too, too tawdry world.

Your writing makes me smile. I'm grateful.


Kathryn Magendie said...

MA - oh no! no escape! haw!

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