Friday, August 15, 2008

Mindless Genius by Patresa Hartman

While I am grateful for the plasticity of my brain -- its ability to shape and reshape around new and newly understood information -- I am increasingly impressed with the total genius of my body, itself. My mind, once (falsely) believed to be the infallible captain of my fleshy ship, has swallowed some humility and become a much better listener. My blood and sinew have taken the helm and we are finally getting somewhere.

The microsystems that thrive in the nooks and crannies of my person are enough for jaw dropping awe -- cells multiplying and dividing, neurochemical messages being taxied and ferried by bubbling couriers. That a whole world exists within my knee cap and another in the squishy underside of my chin is totally beyond anything my mind can hold. If I spend too much time attempting to trace my origin -- how in the world all these particles came into formation and regulated such perfect choreography -- my brain bends into a knot and daily function requires calculation. So that part, the cycles and machinery within me, I just accept and say, "Holy Hell. Thanks a lot!" to whomever is listening.

But what I really think is outstanding is the way my body, with its galaxies and supernovas, gives me perfect direction if I only learn to listen. It does not require my thoughts, only requires that I continue to accept data via its senses. If I am paying attention, it will tell me when I am on the right track, when I am on the wrong track, when I need more protein, more water, more fruit, when it needs to run, when it needs to walk. It is a perfect judge of character and knows when someone is up to no good, and when another is to be trusted. My body (my guts, to be specific) once told me to quit a career that didn't suit me. I listened. It was the first time I had accepted mindless advice for a major decision, and my life improved tenfold.

The more I understand the profound intelligence of my biology, and the more I acknowledge its benevolent nature, the more I want to nurture it as a way to say thank you.


Kathryn Magendie said...

A-MEN!!! This is how my brain works - loved this post.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Nice to have an early warning system that bypasses the superior brain, huh? Of course, my gut's not all good...lots of times it tells me to eat chocolate instead of veggies.

Barbara Quinn said...

The mind/body connection is so important. It's hard to step back sometimes and listen to your body, but you're right, it's always telling us things, though we don't always understand what. Fascinating!

Patresa Hartman said...

you all must be an hour ahead of me. or you get up ridiculously early. or both. holy poop!

last night my mind told me to eat some chocolate & a 2nd helping of spaghetti, so i did. this morning, my body is telling me that was dumb. my mind is an idiot.

Ami said...

Sometimes I wonder if its complete coincidence that people other than me seem to be having the same experiences at the exact same time. Not always specific events, mind you, but the same mental, emotional, or spiritual experiences.

Maybe I'm just looking for "support" from the world at large, but I swear reading your words is like listening to my own thoughts at times. And I'm grateful to know I'm not alone in my experiences, my questions or my conclusions.

Patresa Hartman said...

You know what I think it is, Ami? I think we're all attached to the same kindergarten field trip string and the more people express the truth about themselves, the more we would be amazed at how universal we are.

i also think donuts are delicious.

Joanne said...

It seems like the answers are always there. We just have to tune our individual radar and the thousands of nooks & crannies come alive with messages. Great post.

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