Tuesday, November 4, 2008

From the Selfish One by Kathryn Magendie

Dear Father Sky,

Though I know today is Election Day and I should be thinking about our country, I feel my selfish ways prick against my skin. I have entered the huddle of my cove and cried. I have placed my feet upon the ground from which your children from the sky have walked (for, after all, all things originated from Sky). I have touched the dry Mother Earth; I have bent to the curling leaves, I have cupped water from the creek as I watched it struggle. I have stood in this cove and heard the sounds of men; and Father Sky, I know it is wrong to let my selfishness rise up out of me as a hungry beast, but I do not like the sounds the men are making below. Tearing sounds. Sounds of trees falling. Sounds of big machines ripping up earth. Even the sounds of traffic have cupped in the cove and hummed here, trapped from the changes in season and the poor creek's song low low. Father Sky, I am asking for rain for this area. I am not asking for a leader to be chosen in the way of my thinking, for what will be will be and I am here in my cove on my little mountain and the outward earth seems far away today, yet very very close when I hear the roar and the crash below. Yes, I am selfish today.

Father Sky, perhaps you do not hear my appreciation, for the days have been lovely and the colors wild and bright. I give thanks every morning when I rise, every day when I walk outside to the new day, every afternoon as I sigh into the treetops, every evening as I eat my supper, every night as I lie down in my bed and let out an old dog sigh—perhaps I have not been thankful enough? Perhaps my selfishness keeps you from hearing me, for after all, many must call out to you for many things, especially on a day as today in the America Land? But Father Sky, we need the rain. The ground thirsts, the critters’ movements changed, the creek—oh my creek!—does not sing joyous but is instead sick and low. Father Sky, send rain to our mountains, to our valleys, to the hollows and hills. The leader will be chosen and the Earth will spin. The people here will find the rhythm to the new. But, I, I want the cove like the old ways. Perhaps there are reasons for the lacking rain as things turn as they will for Mother Earth. But I am selfish.

In the case you do not know the thankfulness I feel from being here because of my selfish ways: Here. Right here and now, I raise up my voice and I raise up my hands and I call out to you, Father Sky, in happy thanks for the beauty I walk upon. But, please, send Rain to these droughted regions. Send the snow this winter to melt and fill the creek. As you will, I will receive. As you can’t, I will accept. As you know best, it will be. Thank you, Father Sky.


Barbara Quinn said...

I'm doing an Election Day raindance for you, kat. May it pour soon!

Patresa Hartman said...

so so lovely. i've said this before, and i mean it full up: i love the way you write about nature/spirit. i imagine father sky loves it, too.

rain to you.
peace to your cove.
big dozers, please stop.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Where they get the money to do this, I have no idea - these "townhouses" they are building in the old farmland below that became a golf course start at $500,000 --gol-dang! And they last ones they did were ugly as a worm's butt.

A good thing - the development around us on Killian's Knob and on the side by Walter Bald has stopped - AHA~ ! Big arse log houses left sitting - greed greed greed!

I love my little log house - it was already here, it has a gravel drive, it has more trees and we're growing back some that were cut when it was built, it's not built on steep side, it's existing so we didn't cut more things into the mountain, etc! HoME

Angie Ledbetter said...

Yes to sloshing rain (2 days of it, please) and NO to destruction to your mountain beauty.

Anonymous said...

We have only had rain twice since the hurricane twins. Kinda crunchy here too. Maybe if the new houses don't make it, you will have the worlds largest Putt-Putt course. At least some fun.
Great prayer. The sun will come up Wednesday no matter who is elected. If not, the Prez is the least of our troubles.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oren - it is strange when So Louisiana doesn't get much rain, isn't it?

Ami said...

This was beautiful and moving and breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your prayers (even when they're "selfish", which I don't truly believe this is). :)

Sending prayers for rain and non-development your way. I'm afraid we (as a nation) may not realize the beauty we have until it is all gone...

Kathryn Magendie said...

Ami...thank you for your kind words *smiling*

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