Sunday, December 7, 2008

31 Things That Are Awesome. by Patresa Hartman

1. Well, You, of course. But also:

2. Cake.
3. The smell of my dog's feet.
4. The smell of my dog's head.
5. My dog in general.
6. The tree in the front yard, which appears to be dancing.
7. The possibility of a Christmas tree this afternoon.

And I do, if I may break momentarily before 8, recall with considerable fondness, the warmth of my Holly Hobbie sleeping bag when spending the night, as a child, under the glowing Christmas tree.

8. Christmas lights.
9. Childhood -- not just mine but others'. I wish everyone got one.
10. Conversations with my cat.
11. The bedroom door.

(Because I shut it this morning at 5:45 to keep my husband's cat out -- my husband's cat, who knocks things off dressers in order to get me out of bed to feed him. And it is delicious how much longer I can sleep when my jewelry and brassieres are not flying around the room.)

12. Discovering new tunes for my I-Pod workout mixes.
13. My body's willingness to change its shape when I move it on a regular basis.
14. New hair colors.
15. Old hair colors.
16. New glasses.
17. Old glasses.
18. Newness.
19. Oldness.
20. Snow days.
21. Finals week, and the way it so efficiently precedes The Big Relax.
22. The Big Relax, which really deserves its own line, and so:

The Big Relax

23. Days to do nothing.
24. Wandering
25. Meandering
26. Singing along with the radio.
27. Car dancing even when people are watching.
28. The neighbors who leave their lights on and curtains open past dark, so I can admire their wall colorings and furniture arrangements.
29. Massages.
30. Knowing all the words to cool songs, which are often times Alanis Morissette songs.

But mostly:

31. Well, You, of course.


Barbara Quinn said...

I love lists...for me lists are a great way to calm down the noise and get the focus on what matters.

Loved reading this!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Very nice. I like the "listing your blessings" to go with counting them. (Not too sure about #2 and #11, but what do I know?) :)

Solomon said...

Great list. Massages are especially awesome, I think. :)

Kathryn Magendie said...

Laughing - and smiling - and poignanting

love this, P --

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