Friday, December 19, 2008

Safe Travels. by Patresa Hartman

Ice fell on Iowa last night. It's the fitted bed sheet under a blanket of lovely white snow. Corporate Des Moines has issued a two-hour delay for profit making. It takes quite an event for Corporate Anywhere to voluntarily delay profit making. Already, the mood of downtown has lifted.

Yet, the newspaper was right on time. And I am sure the mail will arrive right on time. I don't know what the hiring process looks like for mail and paper delivery, but it must include a very rigorous physical assessment -- testing candidates' ability to withstand rotating sheets of wind and hail and rain and ice. I am grateful for their willingness to risk life and limb to deliver my Christmas cards and crossword puzzles. Thank you, Delivery Soldiers.

I hear the neighbors' snowblower and know that whomever loses a childish game of rock, paper, scissors, either my husband or I will join. But I am grateful for that snowblower. Until this year, we have been Shovel City. My father donated his old John Deere blower, which is large and bulky and makes my forearms ache after I have finished the whole driveway. But I'll take sore forearms after 30 minutes of snowblowing over the complete body decay that occurs after two hours of shoveling. Thanks, Dad.

I am softening toward this Iowa weather. I used to say I hated the winter, that I belonged someplace warm and unfrozen year round, but I am changing my mind. Storms of snow and ice unite our communities. When weather becomes the story, we have full conversations with total strangers. We gather around windows like children to watch the sky spill its white; we wish each other safe travels when we leave. I like this. It makes me feel connected; and it brings out the kindness in people. For that, I am grateful.


Barbara Quinn said...

The snow is pretty to look at,isn't it?As long as everyone is safe at home it can be fun.However, I am most grateful when it is gone and I can walk without boots. No snow here yet but I think it'll be here by Sunday.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Don't think I could handle it every year. *shiver* Thanks for the reminder to be grateful toward an for our worker bees who keep our services coming, no matter what. Enjoy your winter wonderland!

Anonymous said...

As a paper guy, we just get it done. During and after the hurricanes the past few years, we delivered when no one else did. No mail for 3 or 4 days, but the paper was there. Our guys and gals roll through it all. Pretty special group of hardworking, honest people.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I love how muffled it is when the snow falls - and unlike rain, it's doesn't shout its the post, P

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