Saturday, May 3, 2008

Diversity Rocks by Barbara Quinn

The other night I was too tired to cook, and too tired to go out to a restaurant. My husband and I took to the streets of our small town of Bradley Beach, NJ in search of our meal. It’s a short walk to our downtown. Our first stop was the Thai restaurant where we placed an order for Tom Yom soup, and Quail with Five Spices and veggies. After chatting with the owner and his nephew, which is always enjoyable, we headed down Main St. again, this time stopping for the chicken tamales with red sauce at the Mexican spot. With those in our bag, the next stop was the Colombian restaurant where we picked up two of their special tiny individual corn with kernels bread, and a cheese roll that is the size and shape of a large golf ball. Once outside we ran into the owner of the Thai restaurant again who was taking a stroll. More leisurely chitchat and then he accompanied us to the Italian bakery where we picked up dessert: a cup of tiramisu, and a cannoli. Then we headed back to the Thai spot where our entrĂ©e was waiting. At home we had a fine meal, accompanied by a nice red from the Cote du Rhone, so France too got into our global dinner, which we topped off with an espresso and sambuca.

Bradley Beach is home to many different cultures. The foods are all authentic, just like the people who make them. There are also Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and American spots in the town whose population is under 5000 and is only .6 of a square mile large. I love living in a melting pot where everyone fits in and adds a bit of spice to the zesty stew!


Nannette Croce said...

I loved our visit in Bradley Beach last fall. I concur. It is a great town.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Oh, sounds deliciously wonderful, Barb. Yummers.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Gawd, when can I come visit *laughing* - There isn't much in the way of ethnic food here in this area - Asheville is better, but it's 34-40 miles away-not bad, but still.

There are some ethnic restaurants I've never been to - that I've not seen here, even in Asheville, or when I lived in BR - but I'd love to try them-especially if they are authentic....ohhhhh...!!! lucky you!

Meredith said...

What, no Captain Jack's? (kidding!)

Barbara Quinn said...

Mer, Oooh. yes,Capn J's is still a favorite in Ocean Grove! We went Friday. They've updated the place and the menu...I'm hoping they bring back the lobster cod cakes cause I miss them!

Kat, Come visit and I'll take you on the global food tour. You too Angie. And Nannette come back on a nice day soon before the summer rush.

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