Sunday, May 18, 2008

The 4 Fs by Angie Ledbetter

I see a recurring theme and common thread in many of my gratitude posts. Funny, these are the same things packed into my co-authored inspirational book too -- Family, Friends, Faith & Food -- and also the important things passed down through generations in my family.

Family: I wouldn't be who/where/what I am without them. My parents and grandparents, in particular, have molded me and given me the values I still hold dear. Thank you!

Friends: Some of my dearest friends I've had since kindergarten or my early days in Girl Scouts. They lift me up when I'm down and make me laugh often. Thanks to you, friend who lent my mom your "magic blue cape" for her journey through illness; thanks to all of you crazy writer women whose words inspire me daily; and thanks to all of you who've been there to share laughter, hugs and sadness. Oh, and I appreciate all you who've helped my kids through school, Scouts, sports, and other events when my husband has been unavailable because of work. All of you together have created a beautiful stream of companionship that continues to flow through my life.

Faith: I'm deeply grateful for my faith. It gets me through rough patches, gives me hope always and is a guiding principle I lean on often.

Food: Whether Cajun, Italian, country cookin', or some new concoction, I love my food. Preparing and eating good food gives me comfort and allows me to share the fruits of my labor with others. Food is the connecting element I find in many of my best memories and gatherings. I'm glad I can cook and thankful for the opportunities I have to commune with the important people in my life over a full table.


Kathryn Magendie said...

Vidalia Onions - oh sweet!

I count you as a lifetime friend, Ang, even though I didn't meet you until I was a full grown woman on the precipice of perimenopause *laugh*

Mary Ann said...

Thank you for the inspirational eye-opener. You remind us, without stating it directly, that we should begin each day with the words, "Thank you, sweet Jesus."

Thank you for family, friends, faith, and food, indeed. Thank you for my three sisters, though we nip at each other like pups at times. Um, plenty times. Still, something about that DNA coursing through our veins brings us back together. And, even though my brother didn't talk (much) until he was eighteen and isn't talking now (nor I), he's my brother. I should be more grateful for his presence, for he is my Dad's namesake. He also looks so much like Dad at times. And he's had a rough row to hoe, as have my sisters. Factor all that in and add, for good measure, my FL sis's saying, "Remember, there are just as many people in therapy b/c of you as you b/c of them," and even family look good. Mighty good.

However, sometimes friends understand you better. Most times. Maybe it's that they tolerate your peculiarities without fuss and have nothing to do with sibling squabbles.

Thank you for reminding us that faith breeds hope. How beautiful.

Passion, real passion, for food is not, I think, a universal trait. We here in south LA, however, think it is b/c here everyone thinks about good food constantly, even discussing the next meal while eating. Though my mother's habit of doing so used to make me crazy, now I appreciate her equating her food offerings as one type of love statement. The verbal kind didn't come 'til we five Porets were all grown. No matter.

Perhaps I should drop my brother a small note, a very small note, as a peace offering. Hmmmmm. More likely, since his birthday is this month, I should send a bottle of Old Granddad bourbon in honor of our father, who thought that brand just fine, thank you very

Anonymous said...

It is a great day when all of the F's come together. Hope for many more. Family, Food, Friends all around.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Same here, my good good good friend. A friend of the heart -- a rare treasure! ;)

Anonymous said...

Often times I think where I would be today without friends, family and faith (in no particular order). I, however, am not nearly as eloquent as you, and can't really spell worth a (a different "F" word), so I don't always have a platform for my meandering thoughts. I do know this though......If it were not for friends, who could we talk to about our families? If not for families, who would expect us to be true in our faith? And if not for food...the saltiest campfire stew on the planet or your mom's "oatmeal" cookies....without food, WHAT IS THE POINT? xoxox

Liz said...

Ah, Girl Scouts, lemonade atands and lainey brittle, the days of youth. I agree 100% and think of you often.

The Lord has been gracious and merciful.

love you lots.

Anonymous said...

Angie & Gang,

You have been the 4 F's for me and my kids! I appreciate sharing those 4 F's of yours for many years to come!
Thank you!
Love ya,

Nannette Croce said...

Some truly new definitions for the F-word.

Robin Welsh said...

Great story Angie. I sat here reflecting on all the Fun, Food,and Friendliness that you and your Family brought into our lives. You are a Famously Fabulous Friend. I love you always, Robin

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