Monday, May 26, 2008

Salute by Angie Ledbetter

It's Memorial Day in America. I send out thanks to our soldiers serving in different places, keeping peace in hostile lands, living amidst danger and threat of harm, building hospitals, roads, and training foreign troops. As I drink my first cup of coffee today, I think of you all who do not have coffee, who are away from loved ones on your tour, and I appreciate your sacrifice.
To the veterans - many who have been forgotten or languish in V.A. hospitals or nursing homes, I hope you are honored today in some way. I hope you have visitors and parades and parties.

My gratitude goes to the families who are separated from the military men and women they love and long to see while they are on maneuvers, tours of duty or training. I feel for those who must pack and move to a new post...again. *Waving to my stepdaughter and her family as they contemplate packing everything to move cross country once more.*

Today I remember and appreciate the armed service folks. They give a lot, sometimes they give all. As I have the freedom to pack and travel to a writer's conference shortly, I know in my heart it is you who have secured my pursuits and made this land safe. Thank you. I am grateful every day.


Nannette Croce said...

It's easy to associate this day with the "official" beginning of summer, and, out here in the northeast, the weekend the pools open. Thanks for reminding us what it is really about. Still, my dream is that someday all the people honored will have died way, way in the past and not just a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the honoring of all past and present vets. I only wish we could get back to the values and ways of "the old days". Our kids are missing out on some great people and even better times.

Barbara Quinn said...

And a salute to you for remembering our vets.

Michael Manning said...


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