Friday, May 2, 2008

Do You Remember? By Angie Ledbetter

I've been thinking a lot about memories and the ability to remember. Attending several important functions for my kids (an honors fraternity induction, a spring band concert, a confirmation ceremony at church, etc.), the digital and regular cameras have been in use frequently. I LOVE photographs. They are a means of hanging onto and capturing special moments. I have a new screen saver on my monitor -- my middle son (in tux!) wearing the Bishop's purple beanie at his confirmation. No matter what happens, I have that little encapsulated moment to relive again and again. I am truly grateful for that.

Our last high school reunion was such a success, we've decided to meet every summer in addition to the 10-year gatherings. Again, tons of photos accompany these events, plus we enjoy strolling down the memory lane of our Glory Years when we're together.

Being of a certain age -- that age where "Sometimers" makes memories and remembrances fuzzy -- I'm making a conscious effort to engrave important moments and times on my mind. When my life slows down, I'll want them available even more when, hopefully, I'll revisit the fun, exciting, sobering, spontaneous, hilarious strange times of Today.

Treasure your important moments NOW, but also lock them away for safekeeping for tomorrow. We're not guaranteed anything in life past this one single moment. I see this with my precious mother who is fighting brain cancer. Her short-term memory continually erases itself like a computer program gone mad. I'm thankful she retains older memories and knows who we are. I cannot imagine the loss of those, as so much of our basic personality and essence is tied up in our brains' memory banks.

Today, live fully, live wildly, live joyously. Take photographs with your mind and camera of these times and things and people you love. Someday, your remembering may be more important than ever.


Kathryn Magendie said...

Isn't the brain like the earth in some ways? Like an archaeological dig - the older things are unearthed and brought to the surface...the ground is turned up and folded in and under.

I love photos and I hate that I use my digital all the time and thus sometimes do not get the photos printed out - to keep in an album! Of course, many many many of my photos aren't in albums anyway *laugh*

Anonymous said...

Jake in the beanie? I bet Bishop M got a big kick out of that. The memories are great if you can remember the password to your brain.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks for the article. Am praying for your mother and father and all of you. So grateful to hear of the honors induction and the other important ceremonies for all three of my favorite little people.

This was a good time for me to find your article. A very good time. There are no coincidences. I'd just done something very stupid and hurtful and realized I had a choice. I could do defend against feeling anything or I could make plenty of space to feel my guilt, sadness, regret, and anger. What a witch's brew of emotions. Better out than in, however.

I am so grateful that in the past hour I've reflected upon this particular fork in the road. I chose to feel all those dreadful feelings, still do somewhat. I'm so grateful I haven't relapsed into defending against anger. (I'm also very, very grateful that I didn't commit a homicide!) Thank you, sweet Jesus.

Your article was a gift. A blessing. It gave me the chance to immediately write out my feelings and to be grateful for my small victory in not going horizontal into a zombie state. I am sooooooo grateful. Guilty, sad, regretful, and angry, but I'm grateful to be able to feel and to be able to make a conscious choice for the better when there's a fork in the road, and aren't there an awful lot of those? Have you noticed?

Loves and hugs,

Barbara Quinn said...

You're so right to keep the focus on making more good memories right now. Life is short and we do need to stay in the moment and appreciate all that we have.Your in my thoughts, girlfriend.

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