Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Down Days by Angie Ledbetter

It's not possible to be "up" and positive every day. It's not realistic to think you'll always have a glorious day or an attitude of gratitude either. Sometimes the best you can say is, "I'm glad I woke again this morning. Lord, help me make it through today!"

And there's nothing wrong with that. It's reality for most people populating this earth at one time or another. Stresses and worries pile up. No matter how fast we swat them away or resolve them, bad days are going to happen.
I don't mind so much, though. Without the down days, how could I appreciate the truly great ones? As human nature goes, if things were always golden, I wouldn't enjoy them as much. I'd take them for granted. So, in a strange way, Life's bad times serve their purpose -- they make me even happier when the good times come tap dancing in.

Today, or whenever things aren't going well, know it is only temporary (hopefully). Things will look and be different soon. Ride the ugly tides to a better shore and keep your chin up. Float or tread water and you won't drown.


Barbara Quinn said...

There's a saying that goes something like either you bend in the wind, or you break. It's not easy to stay flexible, and sometimes I just don't feel like it, but then time passes, and you're right, you do go on. It also helps to pull the covers over my head for a while! Hugs...

Angie Ledbetter said...

Thanks, friend. I've always wondered why I was born double-jointed. Now I know...it's easy to bend a lot. LOL. Hope you're doing well!!

Anonymous said...


The girls and I were just talking about this same subject. We were in the parking lot of a strip mall here in CA and police cars were surrounding a woman who, we found out, was trying to hurt herself. After silent prayers for a quick recovery for her, I spoke with the girls about bad days that are sure to come at some time or another. They agreed that good days would eventually abound. But I made them promise me that before they ever think about leaving this God-given plane due to unjust practices by society or self, please let me know.
I think about our children who have such great pressures and it is good to make them know that there is a safe haven at home and to teach them to create their own.
Your words are timely as always, my friend.

Thank you,

Kathryn Magendie said...

Ah my friend, how true...now, since I am feeling strong and sturdy - I will offer my shoulder for you to bend into if you need it....

Mary Ann said...

And supposedly Hemingway wrote that you grow strong in the broken places, like a bone.

A thoughtful article, one that makes one say, "Thank you for the little things. You know, like birds and trees and 3:00 school dismissal time and summer and beaches and oceans (and mountains, for some of you lucky ducks) and a clear blue dome above our heads. Very small things, really, right?

Very difficult times for you and your family. One prays. And never gives up.

"Never, never, never give up."
(I saw Churchill's WWII quote on a plaque at Steinmart's.)

Yes, some days it's good to be able to say just, "Oh, another day arrives, but must it arrive so dadburn early!"

Know that you are loved. Always. Especially by Him.

Know that we're on the other end of the telephone or computer, or, fortunate me, the neighborhood.

Every care you give your mother and father is an eloquent prayer. Nothing else is needed, for it is given in faith.

I'd be mighty grateful if you'd give me a job to do, or, as has officially entered our language via newspaper articles, if you'd task me with something.

One hopes you can feel our love.

Anonymous said...

Some days are just that way. It took me a long time to learn this. Hug everyone and tell them you love them. The kids need it as much as we do. Husbands too.
Love ya,

Karina's Pen said...

I could not agree more! Though there are days I definitely feel like drowning and letting go, pretty soon I find myself in an "up" day, feeling hopeful and positive and forgetting all about the "down" day. Amazing!

Nannette Croce said...

That's right. Imagine if it were always Christmas. How dull life would be?

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