Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh, Brother! by Barbara Quinn

My big brother was sworn in to a ten year judicial term this week. I was honored to attend the ceremony in the beautiful Surrogate’s Court in downtown Manhattan, a courthouse with enough marble to make Michelangelo drool. NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg presided over the ceremonies, administering the oath of office in the amber-lit setting.

Standing up there, shaking Mayor Mike’s hand, taking a family photo, I reflected back on how this brother who used to terrorize me is wearing judicial robes. Growing up Anthony was fond of pouncing on me at all times of the day, Kato-like. When I walked down the hallway to my bedroom, he jumped out and scared me. When I went to watch TV, before I switched on the room’s light, he jumped out at me from the dark.

Sometimes he used me as his guinea pig. He and his friend built a raft and decided that if it held much lighter me, it might hold one of them. Since it was rare for him to allow his little sister to hang around with him, I was happy to be included and I climbed aboard. Luckily I’m a good swimmer. They never did learn to build a proper raft.

When we lived in the Bronx we walked to school along a wooded path. After school I walked home alone on that path. In first grade, a boy became fond of waiting for me and stealing my things. A hat, my gloves, my pencils disappeared into his pockets. My tormentor was a few years older than I, and much bigger. He told me not to tell anyone or I’d be sorry. After a few days I decided to tell my brother.

Anthony told me we would lay a trap. When my nemesis attacked, my brother jumped from a tree and pounded the hell out of him. Oh, that was most satisfying. That boy never bothered me again.

I’m grateful that I have a big brother like him. Now all of NYC has my big brother, the Hon. Anthony Ferrara, looking out for them.

Watch out criminals. He’s tough. He’ll definitely pounce on you.


Angie Ledbetter said...

Please give big brother kudos from me! My younger brother was a pouncer too. He loved to scare the wits out of us girls at school and home, and he screamed, "Yaaah!" each time he did it. What's up with that? (Maybe it's some Italian male gene mutation?)

Kathryn Magendie said...

I keep "warning" my family I'm going to be posting about them *laugh* I have four brothers-no sisters...wouldn't have it any other way -now (laugh)

How proud you must be of your Big Brother *smile*

jenny gardiner said...

Sweet story--how awesome for your brother!

Barbara Quinn said...

Gee, Angie, maybe that gene mutation is it. I'm just glad he doesn't pounce on ME anymore.

Kat, ah, is that the sweet smell of sibling revenge in the air? Yeah...They better treat you good, or else.

Barbara Quinn said...

Aw, Jenny, thanks for stopping by. It was a memorable day!

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