Tuesday, January 15, 2008

That's Entertainment? by, Angie Ledbetter

Okay, I’d be mad if my kids said they were grateful for this item, but today, that’s what’s on my mind – the TV. The boob tube doesn’t hypnotize me often, but there are a few series I enjoy. The regularly scheduled airing of one show in particular gives us (me, mom, my daughter and sisters) a scheduled reason to spend time together laughing every week.

Yeah, it’s mindless and bordering on brain rot, but episodes of “reality” on the television form the framework which allows us to exchange ideas and dreams. We each have a favorite contender on the show we hope will advance through the season to the finale, so there’s also an extra element of excitement and fun when we watch together. Often, we eat supper before the show, and sometimes we invite others to join us, sort of like sharing the wealth.

It’s a great midweek break from the realities of our own lives and jobs, and as good a reason to spend time in each other’s company as any. Even though I never thought I’d say this, I’m thankful for the Idiot Box, as my grandparents used to call it. It’s nice to have a free, convenient form of entertainment that doesn’t depend on the weather or the state of my checkbook, and is always available...unless there’s a writer’s strike. Then you’re stuck with endless reruns of stale programming.

Which reminds me, I truly am grateful to members of writers guilds, unions, journalistic organizations, and to freelancers. They are the lifeblood of the entertainment world and get little thanks. Many earn below poverty level wages. So today I’m reminded to appreciate those behind-the-scene employees who work with dedication and ingenuity to create the books, movies, websites, plays and television shows we all enjoy. Thank You!


Kathryn Magendie said...

The TV - yes! I need its comfort at times -- maybe writers need the escape - we so often live in our own heads, it's nice to visit someone else's sometimes *laugh*..but mainly, I don't have to think - I've only to be entertained.

and I feel the same way about the writers you were speaking of....

Trish Ryan said...

Thanks for giving TV--and all the amazing people who use their writing and other talents to make it happen--its due. I love both the escape and the creative inspiration I find in good TV. And while "good" can be hard to find, it's worth the effort.

Angie Ledbetter said...

...and it's always nice to have something reliable and accessible to drown out the crazy voices. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you that I like the warm feeling of the blog. Great idea, good writing, and very nicely done, too.

Last week, I was asked what makes a perfect day. It was a question thrown out to a group, so my response wasn't required. Here's a basic outline of that day. I woke up, prayed, wrote in a journal. Went to town to pay bills but forgot to buy groceries needed for the dish I wanted to take to a friend's family for after his funeral. After that I drove to my house site to see if any work was being done, then called the contractor to find out why no more work had been done, again. Driving back into town, I got rear-ended by an ininsured vehicle and found out my tag had expired by getting a ticket. A few hours into laundry and housework back home, I stubbed my toe and broke it. Eventually, I prayed, wrote in my other journal, and went to sleep. I decided it was as near perfect a day as any. After all, I woke up in a warm bed in a real home, I have money to pay the bills, I have other food I can prepare for my friend's family, I have hopes of having a house of my own again, I have a car that runs, I have clothes to wear while I wash, I have nine toes that aren't broken and it's a pinky toe that is broken, I still have the presence of mind to pray and journal, and I can sleep at night. I could complain, but my blessings far outweigh anything I have to complain about. I'm just grateful for a loving God that showers me with so much that little things like those might seem bad, but are hardly more than an inconvenience. My cup overflows like a river.

Deb F. who has to sign as Anonymous because her software won't let her in the system.

Anonymous said...

....what an excellent way to keep positive energy in a day full of chaos.
To have that much positive energy and be able to
put it in words.....wow
Keep up the good work.


Barbara Quinn said...

Oh, I do love some TV shows. There's great joy in being entertained. I love the comedy channel. And 30 Rock. Tina Fey rocks. And House. And Colbert, and John Stewart...and The Dog Whisperer too! I do try to limit my habit. Thanks, Angie.

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